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PassMate helps you prepare for interviews, exams, and class assignments.

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Do you have an upcoming interview? Need to pass a university exam? Have a class assignment? Use PassMate to prepare yourself the best.

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Guaranteed Results


As former students, we recognize the needs of the new generations, which is why we have designed a simple and intuitive system to help you study and prepare for your future.


Keep track of your results. Review questions and answers whenever you want.


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1. Getting Started with PassMate

Getting started is easy. Just create a free account and you're ready to go.

2. What are the features?
  • Let Artificial Intelligence create simulations for what you need.

  • Analyze responses and learn from your mistakes.

  • Use voice or keyboard to answer open questions.

  • You can read explanations to questions or let the computer read them to you.

3. How much does it cost?

You can try PassMate for free. You have one included simulation that uses a less updated version of Artificial Intelligence, so questions and answers may be imprecise.

You can purchase simulation packages that use the latest versions of Artificial Intelligence for quality questions and precise, accurate explanations.

4. Can I cancel at any time?

PassMate does not involve any commitment or subscription. You will only purchase simulation packages when you want.

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